Wedding Shower Invite Wording


Wedding Shower Invite Wording Circulating a message book so that guests could write their messages for the bride-to-be is a good idea. A book with messages from all her friends and loved ones is something the bride would cherish.

Bridal Shower Food A bridal shower should Wedding Shower Invite Wording not only be fun for the guests, but also for the planners. The food you serve at the shower can be as simple or as elegant as you’d like. If you are hosting the shower outdoors, a barbecue would be a good idea. High tea with its elegant fare of dainty sandwiches and pastries is also popular, as is a brunch buffet. The idea here is to serve easy to eat finger foods.

Wedding Shower Invite Wording Special Touches You could offer the bride a tiara to wear through the shower. Also arrange for a chair especially decorated at a center point for the bride-to-be.At the end of the shower, help the bride get the gifts and be ready to transport the bride and her gifts home. A suitcase or travel bag at hand would definitely be appreciated by the bride.

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