Unisex Baby Shower Invitation Wording


Unisex Baby Shower Invitation Wording As far as your actual invitations go, you should choose something fun if you’re having an outdoor or casual wedding. Bold, bright colors are synonymous with summer and look amazing on invitations. Unless your wedding is very formal, you can be creative with the invitations. For example, you could send out invitations that are shaped like palm trees or a bright yellow sun to represent summer. Even if you can’t find these cards at your local printer’s shop, you could hire a graphic designer to do the work for you.

Unisex Baby Shower Invitation Wording Photographs of beaches, sunsets, palm trees, and tropical locales also can be used with your invitations. They set the tone for the ceremony and remind recipients of what they’ll have to look forward to in just a few weeks: a return of warm weather.

If you Unisex Baby Shower Invitation Wording are having a formal wedding during the summer, you may want to use a thinner paper, such as printable vellum for your invitations. Heavy card stock doesn’t convey the same airy coolness. Printed vellum can be transparent or decorative and the ink shows up just as beautifully as it would on the paper.

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