Travel Bridal Shower Invitations


Travel Bridal Shower Invitations Regardless of what kind of shower you choose to throw, you should send your wedding shower invitations out one month to six weeks in advance. This is the case for both formal and casual bridal showers. It allows invitees time to arrange their schedule to come to the event. Also, those who desire to bring gifts have plenty of time to explore the gift registry or find a unique gift they come up with on their own. Bringing up the idea of gifts in your bridal shower invitations is a touchy subject. An effortless solution is to simply state where the bride is registered at the conclusion of the invite or use phrasing like, “Bridal registry information available at Bed, Bath & Beyond.”

Travel Bridal Shower Invitations If there is no registry information to work off of, that is not a problem either. When guests RSVP, they may inquire about a registry. In cases where the bride and groom choose not the register anywhere, give guests a few ideas if they ask. For themed parties, gifts usually coincide with the theme, which should be clearly stated in the bridal shower invitations. Other ideas include pots and pans, home décor, bathing supplies, gift cards to home furnishing stores, or bed linens.

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