Eiffel Tower Bridal Shower Invitations


Eiffel Tower Bridal Shower Invitations. Bride-to-be Alicia came up with the idea on her Parisian bridal shower as soon as that her fiancé suggested to her. "I am a strong believer that a bride’s bath should be a reflection of who they actually are, so I tried to do just that along with my theme. I feel Paris, france was the city where style and beauty blossomed, therefore i really wanted to incorporate that. The inspiration came from a quotation by Coco Chanel: 'A girl must be two things: Elegant and fabulous. '"

This particular muse also led to the actual stunning centerpieces shown right here, which also served because table numbers. Alicia looked several Michael’s stores to get the perfect vase and imprinted out individual perfume container tags. She relied upon florists Anne and Patrice to select accompanying flowers, as well as was thrilled with their "brilliant" color choices.

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