Bridal Luncheon Invitation


Bridal Luncheon Invitation Bridal or bridesmaids' luncheons are intimate gatherings, generally hosted by the bride's attendants or by the bride and her mother. These all-female gatherings are held to thank the bridesmaids, and will usually be a day or two before Bridal Luncheon Invitation the wedding day. In terms of formal bridal luncheon etiquette, it doesn't necessarily have to be a lunch party, it could also be afternoon tea, a cocktail party, brunch or dinner.

The Bridal Luncheon Invitation main reasons for the bridesmaids' luncheon are to socialize the bridesmaids, and/or enable the bride and her mother to thank the bridesmaids. In this respect, it's a great opportunity to give bridesmaids a gift of appreciation. Guests do not need to take gifts to bridal luncheon parties. A modern bridal luncheon can encompass many Bridal Luncheon Invitation social situations; the party could be held on the wedding day itself, and involve trips to manicurists, beauticians or makeup artists.

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