Baby Shower Party Invitation Wording


Baby Shower Party Invitation Wording For the reception, try to find entertainment that will bring everyone outdoors. For example, you could have a picnic with catered food (choose traditional picnic food, such as fried chicken, potato salad, etc.) and enjoy badminton, horse shoes, and other outdoor games. If you have your wedding near water – either on the beach, in a backyard, or near a public pool – let your guests go swimming. Even the couple can go swimming. The bride can wear a white bathing suit under her gown.

Baby Shower Party Invitation Wording You could also have a backyard barbecue. Consider renting a jukebox for the entertainment or shooting off fireworks. If you don’t have a nice barbecue of your own, many catering companies can provide everything you need, Baby Shower Party Invitation Wording but it will cost more.

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