Baby Shower Invitation Templates Word


Baby Shower Invitation Templates Word Ancient Incan gods used to worship the sunflower whenever it would appear. The Incas believed that the sunflower was directly connected to the sun god, thus it deserved a vast amount of worship. When Francisco Pizarro stumbled upon this Incan ritual in Peru, he decided to bring some sunflower seeds with him to Europe.

Little did Pizarro know that sunflower seeds would become a popular salty snack…but that’s an entirely different story. Interestingly, sunflower oil became immensely popular during the 18th century (due to the fact that it was the one oil not prohibited during the religious Lent season), and sunflowers themselves started to sprout up amidst lavish gardens thereafter.

Today, the beloved sunflower is still high immensely popular. Out of all the flowers in the world, the sunflower seems to provoke thoughts of brisk spring days and sunshine. Now that you know a bit about the sunflower, you can start planning your garden party accordingly.

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