Wording For A Bridal Shower Invitation


Wording For A Bridal Shower Invitation The format may change slightly depending on whether the event is hosted by multiple sets of parents, the groom’s parents or the couple themselves. In any case, it’s simply a matter of swapping out the names at the beginning of the invitation.

If you and your fiancé are more casual—and you’re hosting a rustic, whimsical or artistic wedding to match—it’s completely acceptable to loosen up the language. For a more relaxed look, you could change the spelled-out numbers to numerals in the addresses and dates. You could also remove the hosts’ names entirely, simplifying the phrasing to something like Wording For A Bridal Shower Invitation or, even more straightforward, Wording For A Bridal Shower Invitation Alyssa Chiemi Nakagawa and Stephen Michael Gallagher Are Getting Married!

Can’t Wording For A Bridal Shower Invitation decide? Sit down with your fiancé and look at other couples’ invitations for inspiration, browse the Wedding Paper Divas selection and simply talk about how you’d like to welcome your guests. Your perfect wording could come out of a casual conversation!

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