Vintage Bridal Shower Invitation


Vintage Bridal Shower Invitation. This theme can be used for bridal bathe, wedding shower, couples bath, birthdays, anniversary, and just about any event you wish. I will personalize the wording to fit your affair. I can also make matching conserve the date, programs, selections, banners and anything you have to match your special day.

Have you got the perfect idea for the bathtub? Does the bride-to-be love antique style? Vintage Bridal Shower Invitation Then you’ve several to the right page! All these invitations will make you think in which you’ve stepped into another moment, where the styles and preferences were more refined along with a shower meant afternoon teas and cake.
If you’re arranging a bridal shower for your greatest mate or a post-wedding event for you and your new companion, then the first party organizing step would be to invite you and your guests. Get a grip on your planning responsibilities by sending out one of these fuss-free invitations for your bridal baths, kitchen teas, couple time in the shower or bridal brunches.

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