Hawaiian Bridal Shower Invitations


Hawaiian Bridal Shower Invitations Host a bridal shower luau party theme, for an event that will be remembered by all. Meaning "feast" in Hawaiian, a luau is used to celebrate a special occasion. So if the bride-to-be (or couple) likes tropical breezes, warm sand, and cool drinks, then a luau party it is! Do you live near the beach or any body of water? That's the perfect location, weather permitting. You can also have fun creating this theme in a private home or rented hall.

Hawaiian Bridal Shower Invitations Do you like this Hawaiian Pink Floral Bridal Shower Invitations? Then make sure you try customizing it with your wedding details to see what it looks like. These fun tropical Hawaiian luau invitations are perfect for summer! Invitations feature a clothesline with Hawaiian shirts, palm trees and flip flops in various shades of red, Hawaiian Bridal Shower Invitations yellow, green, purple and orange. Printing is available on the back of these flat cards, which are sold in a set with envelopes.

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